We invite you to try our exclusive range of Bulgarian wines. Our products range is comprised of selected and unique assortment from Bulgarian wine producers.

The wine culture in Bulgaria has a thousand-year old history. Already in the 4th & 5th centuries BC, the Thracians, who were living in the area were very experienced and skilled winemakers. They established the process and tradition of winemaking.

Bulgaria has an exceptional climate for growing grapevines and producing wine. Warm and dry summers, mild winters, plenty of sunshine and long-lasting autumn warmness are most favourable to defining the taste of the unique local varieties of Bulgarian wines. The combination of specific microclimates and different soil and climatic characteristics, together with long warm autumns are conducive to the cultivation and production of excellent and high-quality naturally rich fruity red wines.

We invite you to get a taste of our assortment and enjoy the centuries-old winemaking tradition and experience.
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