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08 <br>Pack 99€

2 x White Wine Sauvignon Blanc &Pinot Gris 2021
2 x White Wine Chardonnay Mezzek 2021
2 x Rose Mezzek 2020
1 x Rotwein Seven Grapes 2020
1 x Rotwein Rubin Nobile 2017
1 x Rotwein Melnik Nobile
1 x Red Wine Syrah Incantesimo 2017

10 bottles a 0,75 Liter
Alcohol content: in the individual…

pro Paket 7,5 L (13,20 €/L) inkl.MwSt. zzgl.Versandkosten
08100<br> Mezzek Rose 2020

Rose Merlo & Malbec & Syrah

Beautiful light pink color. Harmonious aroma of red berries. Balanced and fresh taste with a subtle aftertaste.

Contains Sulfites
Alcohol content: 13,3%
Katarzyna Estate, Biyalata prast, 6500 Svilengrad, Bulgaria

0,75 Ltr Flasche
08101<br>Rose Terra Tangra 2020

Rose Terra Tangra from Mavrud and Cabernet Franc has a pale salmon color with shadings of a rose petal tone joined by a glints of orange and a fade tending toward a silvery hue. This wine is bright luminous and limpid.

Contains Sulfites
Alcohol content: 13,5%
Terra Tangra Sakar Mountain Vineyards, 6450…

0,75 Ltr Flasche
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